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Welcome to bluebird


bluebird aviation services is an international provider of flightcrew personnel to airlines and aviation operators worldwide. We provide services for the sourcing and contracting of pilots to aircraft operators during phases such as:

• Periods of higher demand
• Expansion of existing airline fleet
• Entry into service of new aircraft types

In the position of Captain we offer candidates from different backgrounds and experience, amongst others those who have retired at the age of 56 from a Legacy Carrier or their subsidiaries. Because of their above-average experience, training history and the fact that they have operated under the IOSA certificate, I believe that I can make a good match between the needs of an airline operator and the pilots in our portfolio.

In the position of First Officer I offer candidates from different backgrounds and experience. Their job history in various companies will be an asset to your operation. Pilots who are interested can register online on this site.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Patrick Spiegelenberg