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Elevate Your Pilot Recruitment:Partner with the Experts

Discover the advantages of collaborating with Bluebird.In the competitive world of aviation, finding the right pilots to join your team is crucial. That's where bluebird comes in – your dedicated partner in pilot placement.

Here's why airlines should choose to work with us:

Efficient, Personalized Aviation Recruitment.

Time is of the essence in aviation. With Bluebird, you can expect streamlined processes and direct communication channels. We value the significance of personal connections and take pride in fostering them throughout the recruitment journey. This approach not only accelerates the process but also ensures a more engaged and committed pilot pool.

15 Years of Proven Experience.

Trust is built on experience, and bluebird boasts an impressive 15-year legacy in pilot placement. Our track record speaks volumes about our dedication and proficiency in matching pilots with the right airlines. Rely on us to leverage this extensive experience for your benefit.

By Pilots, For Pilots.

At bluebird, we speak the language of aviation fluently. Founded and led by seasoned pilots, we possess an innate understanding of the industry's intricacies. This unique perspective ensures that the pilots we recommend are not only qualified but also aligned with your airline's ethos. Look for the success stories.

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